Boolossus card


The first card Michael made was Boo. An awesome card with an awesome effect. Its effect is Boo can make one monster on the field unable to be attacked. This effect can only be used once. Boo is a great card for starters and is Muzz to the max.
Boo card
Boolossus can sumon one 1 Boo each turn so you can make a powerful stratagy if you can use Boolosus to your advantage!
King Boo card

King Boo!

King Boo is another powerful card to use!

Stratagy Edit

The stratagy of Boo is to jam pack your deck with Boo's. Summon one monster and let it survive for one turn. on your next sacrifice the monster for King Boo. On that that same turn Use King Boo's effect and summon Booloosus! Your opponent will most likely summon a defense monster. Don't worry about it. Now it's your turn again Summon Lady Bow from your hand. This prevents your ghost monsters like Boolossus from getting effected by harm full spell cards! But Bow is a weak monster and can be destroyed easily. Play Luigi's Mansion (Bottom Left) Dark Boo is absolutely useless to the strategy but its effect is pretty darn good which makes it just about impossible to destroy.

Lady Bow

Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

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