Donk is small company run at my school. Donk is very popular among students. Donk is rip off of yu-gi-oh and the crew makes it using this wesite so i thank them

Crew Edit

Donk consists of 3 people Me the leader of Donk Daniel, Micheal the biggest contrubuter and Ananda (signed up recently). together we make Donk! I run the Company and make 'Kirby (nintendo)' cards. Micheal he's my main man, he makes 'Mario (nintendo)'. Ananda ... well ... um .... DUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHH... oh yeah um Ananda... he makes... i don't know! any way i think they are good. (hopefully...)

History Edit


The Card 'King' from season 1

Season 1: Edit

Season 1 was made with a small collecton fo images and sony vegas 8.0. This card King if part of the Chess Collection. The first ever card was Sonic.

(Work in Progress)

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