Underchomp is the true card of strengh it is the second best card in the game and its effect make it crush everything in its way. But it is extremly hard to summon so I recommend fusion subsitute monsters.

The strongest card in the game is the creator Daniel which is impossible to destroy. To summon Underchomp you need Three Chain Chomp cards, one red paint, one blue paint, one yellow paint and four fusers. So Underchomp is really hard to summon but the rewards consider a 95 percent chance of winning a duel. So keep an Underchomp handy.
Yellow paint card

Another material to summon Underchmp

Red paint card

Another material required to summon Underchomp.

Chain chomp card

The main card required in summoning Underchomp

Blue Paint card

One of the cards you need to summon Underchomp

Underchomp card

Underchomp the king of cards.

Blue chomp card

One of creatures required to summon Underchomp

Yellow Chomp card

Another one of the creatuers required to summon Underchomp

Red chomp card

The last monster required to summon Underchomp

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